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Bulldog Kimono Poster

Bulldog Kimono Poster

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#1 Lay Frame Pieces: Place the magnetic frame pieces on a flat surface.

#2 Position Poster: Set your poster on the surface and align the frame pieces along its top and bottom edges.

#3 Attach Frame to Poster: Connect the magnetic strips on each side of the poster to clamp it in place.

#4 Hang Poster: Attach a string to the top frame piece and hang it from a nail or hook on your wall, then admire your handiwork!

Magnetic Frames Features

🌲 Material and Design: Crafted from high-quality wood, these frames offer a natural and elegant look, perfect for any decor. Their magnetic design simplifies setup and adjustment, allowing for easy display changes.

🔗 Magnetic Functionality: Incorporating strong magnets, the frames securely hold artwork in place between two wooden strips. This innovative design removes the need for glass or a back panel, creating a clean, modern look.

📐 Versatility and Sizes: Available in a variety of sizes, these frames can accommodate a range of art sizes and are suitable for both portrait and landscape orientations.

🖼️ Easy to Use: Simply place the artwork between the wooden strips. The magnets snap together, holding the art securely and allowing for damage-free hanging.

🌱 Eco-Friendly Option: Our frames are made from sustainably sourced wood, offering a great environmental alternative to other harmful materials.

🎨 Decor Compatibility: The natural wood finish ensures these frames blend seamlessly into various interior styles, from rustic to modern minimalist.

🎁 Ideal for Gifting: With their unique design and functionality, these frames make excellent gifts for art enthusiasts, new homeowners, or anyone looking to enhance their space.

💧 Maintenance and Care: Durable and long-lasting, these frames require minimal maintenance, often just a simple wipe with a dry cloth to keep them looking new.

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