Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

- Japanese Wall Art Collection -

If you have an interest in Japanese culture and would like to make it a part of your interior design, you are probably in the right place. Although paintings are not the only choice, they do have some considerable advantages in making your home or workplace a warm and relaxing living space.

Introduction to Japanese Wall Arts

Unlike Japanese prints, which originated in the Edo period (1600-1868), Japanese paintings are much more recent, modern and varied. Whereas prints were limited in terms of colour and graphic freedom because of the technical constraints and artistic requirements of the ancient Japanese people. Japanese paintings introduce all kinds of drawings and graphic styles that highlight all facets of Japanese culture.

This makes it possible to satisfy a wider public, which often has very heterogeneous tastes. Today's Japanese paintings therefore include representations of geishas or Buddhas to introduce a rather Zen atmosphere into a room, as well as samurais that recall the feudal era of Japan. But also and above all, there are much more atypical paintings that stand out either by their shape, such as the five-piece or hanging paintings, or others that stand out with their modern or kawaii style, to mention just a few examples.

How to choose a Japanese canvas?

We have already mentioned this when presenting the "Japanese decoration" collection, but it is not too much to repeat. To choose a picture, or indeed any decorative piece, you must first of all think about the atmosphere you want to impose in your home or in the room concerned. It will not be the same for the living room, the bedroom and the bathroom, but it will differ according to your tastes and personality. Do you prefer to live in a zen and relaxing atmosphere on a daily basis, or do you prefer a modern and pure style?

Whatever the case, take the time to determine the best Japanese painting to bring Japan into your home as you see it.

Our vision of Japanese Wall Art

We aim to offer you the widest possible range of Japanese paintings so that it is relatively easy to match your personal tastes to the decorative pieces. You will find all kinds of representations in various colours such as geishas, samurais, landscapes, flowers and many others.