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Imagawa Clan

Imagawa Clan

The Imagawa clan is a line of daimyos of medieval Japan, descended from the emperor Seiwa (850-880).

Imagawa Kuniuji, himself a grandson of Ashikaga Yoshiuji, settled in Imagawa (Mikawa province) in the xiii century and took the name of the place.

This family governed the provinces of Suruga and Tōtōmi from the 14th to the 16th century and their influence also included the province of Mikawa during the youth of Ieyasu Tokugawa.

The power of the clan will decline during its confrontation with the Oda clan. The Imagawa clan was defeated by Nobunaga Oda at the battle of Okehazama and Imagawa Yoshimoto was killed.

During the Edo period, the Imagawa were among the koke (the "great families").

Castles of the Imagawa Clan

By provinces of Japan.

  • Suruga province: Imagawa kan (later called "Sunpu castle"), Shizuhatayama castle, Mochifune castle, Tanaka castle.
  • Tōtōmi province: Kakegawa castle, Takatenjin castle, Futamada castle, Inui castle, Hamamatsu castle, Utsuyama castle.
  • Mikawa province: Yoshida castle, Tahara castle, Okazaki castle, Anshō castle.
  • Owari province: Katsukake castle, Ōtaka castle, Narumi castle.

Imagawa Clan in Edo Period

At the end of the Edo period, Imagawa Norinobu, was wakadoshiyori of the Tokugawa shogunate administration.

Imagawa Clan Main genealogies


  • Imagawa Kuniuji (1243-1282)
  • Imagawa Morouji (1261-1323)
  • Imagawa Norikuni (1295?-1384)
  • Imagawa Noriuji (1316-1365)
  • Imagawa Yasunori (1334?-1409?)
  • Imagawa Norimasa (1364-1433)
  • Imagawa Noritada (1408-1461?)
  • Imagawa Yoshitada (1436-1476)
  • Imagawa Ujichika (1473?-1526)
  • Imagawa Ujiteru (1513-1536)
  • Imagawa Yoshimoto (1519-1560)
  • Imagawa Ujizane (1538-1615)
  • Imagawa Naofusa (1594-1662)
  • Imagawa Ujinari (1642-1673)
  • Imagawa Ujimichi (1668-1699)
  • Imagawa Noritaka (1694-1712)
  • Imagawa Norinushi (1698-1728)
  • Imagawa Norihiko (1716-1749)
  • Imagawa Noriyasu (1731-1784)
  • Imagawa Yoshiaki (1756-1818)
  • Imagawa Yoshimochi (1786-1839)
  • Imagawa Yoshiyori (1810-1841)
  • Imagawa Norinobu (1829-1887)
  • Imagawa Yoshihito


  • Imagawa Sadayo (1326-1420?)
  • Imagawa Nakaaki
  • Imagawa Sadaomi
  • Imagawa Sadasuke
  • Imagawa Norimasa (?-1464)
  • Imagawa Sadanobu (?-1474)

Tōtōmi (Horikoshi branch)

  • Horikoshi Sadamoto (?-1537)
  • Horikoshi Ujinobu
  • Horikoshi Sadatada
  • Horikoshi Sadahisa
  • Horikoshi Sadayoshi
  • Horikoshi Sadatsugu

Tōtōmi (Sena branch)

  • Sena Kazuhide
  • Sena Ujisada
  • Sena Ujitoshi
  • Sena Ujiakira
  • Sena Masakatsu
  • Sena Kiyosada