Asakura Clan

Asakura Clan

Asakura Clan History

The Asakura clan (朝倉氏), are the descendants of Prince Kusakabe (662-689), son of Emperor Tenmu (631-686).

Exponents of the clan settled in Tajima province during the Heian period and took the name Asakura.

Later, the Asakura moved to Echizen province and served the Shiba clan, but Asakura Toshikage usurped them at the beginning of the Sengoku period.

The Asakura had a lot of influence in the Hokuriku region. They allied with the Azai clan to oppose the rise of Oda Nobunaga but were defeated first in 1570 at the Battle of Anegawa and then finally with the siege of Ichijōdani (1573).

The surviving members became vassals of first the Oda clan and then the Toyotomi.

Asakura Nobumasa (1573-1637), grandson of Asakura Yoshikage, allied himself first with Toyotomi Hideyoshi and then with Tokugawa Ieyasu. In 1625 he was granted the domain of Kakegawa (25,000 koku) in Tōtōmi province.

In 1632 he was involved in a conspiracy and was exiled to Kōriyama, where he died.

The Asakura are known in part for their Toshikage Jushichikajo (1480) - the house code of Asakura Toshikage.

Famous Asakura Clan members

  • Asakura Toshikage (1428-1481)
  • Asakura Ujikage (1449-1486)
  • Asakura Sadakage (1473-1512)
  • Asakura Norikage (1474-1552)
  • Asakura Takakage (1493-1546)
  • Asakura Kagetaka (1495-1543)
  • Asakura Kagetoshi (1505-1572)
  • Asakura Kagetaka (1508-1570)
  • Asakura Kageakira (1529-1574)
  • Asakura Yoshikage (1533-1573)
  • Makara Naotaka (1536-1570)
  • Asakura Kagetake (1536-1575)
  • Asakura Nobumasa (1573-1637)
  • Most important battles
  • Battle of Kanegasaki (1570)
  • Battle of Anegawa (1570)
  • Siege of Hikida (1573)
  • Siege of Ichijōdani (1573)
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