Akita Clan

Akita Clan

The Akita clan (秋田氏, Akita-shi) is a medieval Japanese clan from the Tsugaru district of Mutsu province.

The clan claims descent from Abe no Sadato (Abe clan). The clan was originally known as Ando clan. They were settled in Tsugaru district of Mutsu province to maintain trade relations with the Ainu.

During the Kamakura period, the clan administered Ezo for the Hōjō clan, as a bagne. It split in the same period into two branches.

One of its capitals was located at the present site of Tosaminato in Aomori Prefecture, which was a very active port in the Muromachi period.

During the Sengoku period, the clan was defeated by the Nanbu clan and migrated to Dewa province.

The clan then settled in Akita castle which gave it its name. It remained there until 1602, when Ieyasu Tokugawa ordered it to settle in a part of Hitachi province and in a part of Mutsu province.

List of Akita daimyos who ruled Miharu (Mutsu) Han:

  • Toshisue (1598-1649)
  • Morisue (1620-1676)
  • Terusue (1649-1720)
  • Yorisue (1696-1743)
  • Harusue (1718-1773)
  • Sadasue (1726-1757)
  • Yukisue (1751-1813)
  • Yasusue (1776-1811)
  • Norisue (1786-1844)
  • Tomosue (1810-1865)
  • Akisue (1858-1907)
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