Adachi Clan

Adachi Clan‎

The Adachi (Japanese 安達氏) were an ancient family of the Japanese sword nobility (Buke) from Dewa Province, descended from Fujiwara no Yamakage (藤原 山蔭, 824-888).

Adachi Clan‎ Genealogy

  • Morinaga (盛長; † 1200) participated in the battle against the Taira at the side of Minamoto no Yoritomo. After his side's triumph, he became a monk under the name Rensai.
  • Kagemori (景盛; † 1248), the eldest son of Morinaga, served under Minamoto no Yoriie. In 1218, he regained the domain of Akita and became the first to hold the title of "Akitajō no Suke" (秋田城の介). After the death of Minamoto no Sanetomo, he shaved his head, called himself Gakuchi, and retired to the monastery on Mount Kōya. He is therefore also called "Kōya-Nyūdō" (高野入道) and is known primarily by this name. - At the time of the warlike Jōkyū disputes around 1221, he marched with Hōjō Tokifusa (北条 時房; 1175-1240) against Kyōto and defeated the imperial army. His daughter, who had married Hōjō Tokiuji (北条 時氏; 1203-1230), was the mother of Hōjō Tsunetoki (北条 経時; 1224-1246) and Tokiyori (1227-1263), and when the latter became shikken, Kagemori's influence also grew. He did everything in his power to wipe out the Miura clan in 1247.
  • Yoshikage (義景; † 1255) was a son of Kagemori. He was Akitajō no suke and a member of the Hyōjōshū.[A 1] After the death of Emperor Shijō in 1224, Fujiwara no Michiie (藤原 道家; 1192-1252) wished his grandson Prince Tadanori to succeed him. Hōjō Yasutoki Tsunetoki (北条 泰時; 1183-1242) objected and sent Yoshikage to Kyōto to install Prince Kunihito as Emperor Go-Saga. In 1254, Yoshikage fell ill, shaved his head, and named himself Ganchi. He died the following year.
  • Yasumori (泰盛; † 1285) was the third son of Yoshikage. He assumed all of his father's duties and titles. His daughter married Hōjō Tokimune (1251-1284) and became the mother of Hōjō Sadatoki (貞時; 1270-1311). When the latter became shikken in 1284, Yasumori and his son Munekage initially enjoyed great prestige. But Taira Yoritsuna, shitsuji under Sadatoki, charged them with a planned attack on the young shikken and in this manner also informed the Shōgun. Sadatoki believed these accusations and had the entire Adachi family exterminated in 1285.
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