Minamoto no Yorimitsu

Minamoto no Yorimitsu

Minamoto no Yorimitsu (源頼光) (944-1021), also known as Minamoto no Raikō, served the rulers of the Fujiwara Clan along with his brother Yorinobu, taking violent measures that the Fujiwara themselves were unable to impose.

He is one of the first members of the Minamoto Clan to have historical importance, for his military expeditions. He is also known for having subdued the bandits of Ōeyama.

His loyalty earned him the government of Izu and Kozuke provinces, as well as a number of high military positions. Yorimitsu served as commander of a regiment of the imperial guard and as secretary in the Ministry of War.

When his father (Minamoto no Mitsunaka) died, he inherited Settsu Prefecture.

Yorimitsu is mentioned in numerous tales and legends, including the legend of Kintaro (the "Golden Boy," also known as Sakata no Kintoki), the legend of Shuten Doji, and the legend of Tsuchigumo.

Raiko is usually accompanied by four legendary servants, known as Shiten-nō, the "four guardians of the king." Their names were Watanabe no Tsuna, Sakata no Kintoki, Urabe no Suetake, and Usui Sadamitsu.

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