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Are you at the right place ?

Katakura Shigenaga


Katakura Shigenaga (片倉 重長, 1585-16 May 1659) was a samurai of the Azuchi Momoyama period in the early Edo period. The son of Katakura Kagetsuna, Shigenaga was the second to bear the common name "Kojūrō".

His original name was "Shigetsuna"; however, to avoid a conflict with the name of the 4th shogun Ietsuna, he changed it to Shigenaga. In 1614, he took part in the Osaka campaign where he fought Gotō Matabei at the Dōmyōji temple.

Shigenaga's second wife was the daughter of Sanada Yukimura and, following the Osaka campaign, Shigenaga helped many of Sanada's former obligates now without a master.

His son Katakura Kagenaga succeeded him.