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Are you at the right place ?

Honda Tadatomo


Honda Tadatomo (本多 忠朝, 1582-3 June 1615) was an obligatory of the Japanese Tokugawa clan from the late Azuchi Momoyama period of the sixteenth century to the Edo period of the seventeenth century.

Tadatomo is the youngest son of Honda Tadakatsu, one of the four heavenly kings of the Tokugawa. Tadatomo received a fiefdom worth 100,000 koku in Ōtaki in Kazusa province after 1600.

In 1609, Tadatomo receives Rodrigo de Vivero y Aberrucia, governor general of the Spanish Philippines from Manila.

In 1615, Tadatomo fought bravely in the battle of Tennōji. He led an attack that resulted in the death of Sanada Yukimura. Tadatomo himself did not survive the battle.