Kumadori ( 隈取 ) is a type of stage makeup used by kabuki actors, especially when performed in the bold and grandiloquent Aragoto style. Kumadori makeup usually consists of brightly colored stripes or patterns on a white base, the colors and patterns symbolizing aspects of the actor's character.

Although kumadori was largely originated and developed by members of the Ichikawa Danjuro line of actors, some conventions are creations of the Onoe Kikugoro line.

Kumadori Development

The first Ichikawa Danjuro when he created on stage what was the script of the puppet that was the hero of the Sakata adapted for the stage, to give a touch of dolls, this would be the first Kumadori he drew in red and black ink. The Kumadori at this time, is considered to have been the rough striking.

To the second generation of Ichikawa Danjuro was characterized by his technique of "blurring", this Kumadori is said to have been devised by the observation of the peony, this Kumadori is considered to have gone to a more sophisticated direction.

The Kumadori in the Edo period has become a reference from rough matter to when the development, typified by a sophisticated expression of the representation of the image of Nio Buddha, with its muscular expression and the one that has been exaggerated in the Noh mask.

On the other hand, due to the influence of the play on the fantasy scenario centered on the sum thing, the sex appeal of the Kumadori has come to be denoted.

Also the Kumadori Hanakawado Sukeroku in his play "Naked Me" in which the hero representative "Sukeroku" of the Kabuki lover, but now what is known as a good high-spirited Edo man, is in principle was the creation at the top of the Kabuki Yakudotoro.

Many of the Danjuro Ichikawa Kumadori who travels today, belong to the ninth generation of disciples, from the third generation Ichikawa ShinJuro remained by.

ShinJuro who was familiar with all ages many Kumadori is, Masamitsu Ota wrote a monograph "Kabuki Kumadori" in cooperation. Of the disciple ShigeruJuro Nakamura is recalls that he did not disappear even wash float much appeared wearing ShinJuro's face during his deathbed.

Kumadori Meaning

The founder of the Kumadori, Danjuro, is said to have created his puppets to give a hint to the doll's head, and which was crafted in order to exaggerate the blood vessels and muscles of the face, for his character, Kumadori and colors that undergoes different.

Loa more resistant thick clear "Sujikuma" and the calm but powerful "-Bears simple" than that of the red, using the maximum of hero for young people and a sense of justice, can also be used appropriately by the scene in one of the play.

"Sugawara Denju Tenarai Kagami plum Omaru and of" provisional hero is famous. The use of "Me Bare", paint a red along the lower eyelid for the young and handsome man as also drip water even on the same red lines. "Sukeroku" as Soga Goro Tokimune famous.

In the indigo-black system, great villain aiming subversion called "gross aristocrats" ("Sugawara Denju Tenarai Kagami" of Fujiwara no Tokihira and bear), "Hannya" of women who became a demon jealousy ("Kyoganoko Musumedojoji of" Shirabyōshi Hanako, her nature is Kiyohime),

to be used for the female ghost "Kijo Bears" ("Momijigari autumn leaves Kijo and "of" Modohashi as demons disguised as women"), representing the spite of raging demons ("ghost Bears" Benkei ship of "Taira no Tomomori such Takedakeshi is) is comparable to Kumadori of red, but this is the villain who uses or a ruthless 妖力.

Dai 赫 色 (brown), such as Tsuchigumo, kind but uses for the ruthless role in Rokai less. Although they are more or less of the type described above, Kumadori is different and each doll because those actors fill in yourself. Kabuki of favor in of, there are those who want collection what was asked that Utsushito ~ tsu the Kumadori with the actor interposed silk for costume.

"Kumadori" of kabuki things, therefore, it is assumed the human face, basically, not only used for humans ("Yoshitsune Senbonzakura that also exists as "Flame Bears" of Genkuro fox appear to "say animals Kumadori is Kumadori)

that represents a mysterious force, "score eyelids" of Peking opera is also present Kumadori that type is supposed to start auditors Kumadori animals famous Goku.

Including the eyelids off, Asian stage makeup and joined in addition to green and yellow of red and black, put the emphasis on that to highlight anomalies rather than those that emphasize facial expressions, the Masque is its roots play a role, such as mask.

Kumadori Types

  • Bright red stripes indicate a powerful hero role. The most famous of these roles, and the one that has come to represent the kabuki stereotype in the West, is the Shibaraku hero. Red symbolizes virtue and power.
  • Villains are often depicted with a black beard design, purple veins and blue eyebrow-cornamenta as dark.
  • The blue makeup may represent a ghost, spirit or other magical creature, depending on the patterns. Both Kitsune and Genkuro in Yoshitsune Senbon Zakura feature blue makeup. Blue represents negative emotions such as jealousy or fear; ghosts in traditional Japanese drama often trapped are characterized by their attachment to such emotions.
  • Grays and browns can sometimes be used, especially when depicting animals, oni (demons), yōkai (monsters), or anything else inhuman. An example is the Tsuchigumo (earth spider) released by Minamoto no Raikō.

The term is also applied to a painting method in which two brushes are used simultaneously, one for color and the other used to create shading or other details.

A print of a kabuki actor's face makeup, preserved on a piece of cloth, is known as an oshiguma.



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