Amago Clan

The Amago clan (尼子氏 Amago-shi), descended from Emperor Uda (868-897) by the Sasaki clan (Uda-Genji).

Sasaki Takahisa in the 14th century, having lost his parents at the age of three, was raised by a nun (ama in Japanese). He was the first to use the name Amago (nun's son) in her memory.

The Amago faced the Ōuchi clan and the Mōri clan (who were among their vassals), during the Sengoku Period.

Amago Tsunehisa (1458-1541), great-great-grandson of Takahisa inherited from his father Kiyosada and grandfather Mochihisa the position of shugo of Izumo and resided in Toda Castle.

For the next hundred years, the clan battled with the Ōuchi and the Mōri, who controlled the neighboring provinces, and declined when Tomito Castle was conquered by the Mōri in 1566.

Amago Katsuhisa attempted to regain the clan's prestige by joining Oda Nobunaga's forces, invading Tajima and Inaba provinces, but was defeated and killed at the Siege of Kōzuki by the Mōri in 1578.

Amago Clan Members

  • Amago Kiyosada (d. 1487)
  • Amago Tsunehisa (1458-1541)
  • Amago Hisayuki (d. 1541)
  • Amago Masahisa (1488-1513)
  • Amago Okihisa (1497-1534)
  • Amago Haruhisa (1514-1562)
  • Amago Kunihisa (d. 1554)
  • Amago Masahisa (d. 1554)
  • Amago Katsuhisa (1533-1578)
  • Amago Yoshihisa (1540-1610)

Amago Clan Vassals

The chief generals of the Amago were called Amago 10 Yushi (尼子十勇士).

  • Yamanaka Yukimori (1544-1578)
  • Akiage Iorinosuke
  • Yokoji Hyogonosuke (d. 1570)
  • Ueda Saenosuke
  • Teramoto Seishinosuke
  • Motomo Dorinosuke
  • Kogura Nezuminosuke
  • Fukada Doronosuke
  • Hayakawa Ayunosuke
  • Yabunaka Ibaranosuke