Japanese Knife Set

Naifu: The Japanese Knives 

  • Authentic "Japanese Knife Set"
  • Damascus Steel
  • Hardwood Handle
  • Hygienic and Antibacterial
  • Light and Easy to Use
  • Dimensions:

1*8 inch Chef Knife

Total Length: 331mm

Blade Length: 203mm

Handle Length: 128mm

Knife Width: 45mm

Blade Thickness: 2mm

Net Weight: 244g

1*7 inch Santoku Knife

Total Length: 295mm

Blade Length: 128mm

Handle Length: 167mm

Knife Width: 43mm

Blade Thickness: 2mm

Net Weight: 227g

1*6 inch Boning Knife

Total Length: 264mm

Blade Length: 152mm

Handle Length: 112mm

Knife Width: 20mm

Blade Thickness: 2mm

Net Weight: 104g

1*5 inch Utility Knife

Total Length: 233mm

Blade Length: 126mm

Handle Length: 112mm

Knife Width: 20mm

Blade Thickness: 2mm

Net Weight: 104g


1*3.5 inch Fruit Knife

Total Length: 197mm

Blade Length: 91mm

Handle Length: 106mm

Knife Width: 20mm

Blade Thickness: 2mm

Net Weight: 95g


Japanese knives are made using techniques that were initially pioneered in the crafting of katana (samurai swords). After the United States occupied Japan after World War II, General MacArthur forbade the making and possession of katana. This imposed a prohibition that drove a great number of highly skilled craftsmen to devote their skills and attention to making kitchen knives. Even though the ban was reversed after several years, the Japanese state still restricts manufacturing to a few pieces a year. Nevertheless, the legacy and unparalleled sharpness of the katana remains at the heart of the kitchen 1200 years later.

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