Men's Kimono

Men's Kimono: Japan's centuries old piece of clothing

  • Harumitsu "Men's Japanese Kimono"
  • Half Cotton/Polyester Composition 
  • Authentic Japanese Pattern 
  • Lightweight Non-Stretchy Fabric
  • Soft and Smooth to the Touch
Bust Length  Weight
M 106 66 50-58
L 110 68 60-65
XL 114 70 70-75
2XL 118 72 80-85
3XL 124 74 90-95
4XL 130 76 100-105
5XL 136 78 110-115


The Japanese Kimono is one of the most emblematic traditional garments in the world. The word "kimono" literally means "clothing". Until the mid-19th century, it was in the form of a robe worn by everyone in Japan. This slowly began to change with the importation of Western vests, dresses and other fashions during the Meiji era and now there are kimonos available in all sorts of styles and cuts to suit everyone's taste.

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