Women's Kimono



- Women's Kimono Collection -

The kimono for ladies can have either twelve or more pieces. Usually, at the kimono rental and kimono studios, you need assistance or help to wear the kimono.

These professional dressers help with tying the obi and with the layers of clothing. A tomesode is known as the most formal kimono and is worn by married Japanese women. The fabric has a pattern and is always below the waist.

Women's Kimono Origins

Each layer of the kimono represents an element of Japan's history and led to the style we know today. When the kimono first appeared in the eighth century, noble women of the Heian period wore twelve layers, symbolizing both the seasons and events during the peaceful Heian period from 794 to 1192 AD.

- Geishas and Kimonos

Geisha are the world-famous traditional Japanese female entertainers who are trained in various performing arts and also act as hostesses, mainly to receive male customers.

The kimono has long been a feature of the geisha, along with their white faces, hair ornaments such as flowers and blossoms known as kanzashi, and their beautifully applied make-up.

As with other indigenous dress traditions around the world, the style of Japanese kimono for the geisha depends on the season, the festival and the event she is attending.

The different colours and embroidery patterns also reflect the age of the geisha herself. A junior's collar will be predominantly red with silver, gold or white embroidery. In the second and third years of training, it will be embroidered with subtle white details when seen from the front, and will be completely white when she is a fully trained geisha.

Traditional Kimono for Ladies

Traditional Japanese kimonos have beautiful patterns and designs that can be intricate or simple, but are all unique.

They are made of natural materials such as silk, hemp and cotton, which together with the pattern and weaving of the fabric determine the type of kimono, such as dresses, dressing down, black formal, fine patterns and spun silk.

These kimono are suitable for both casual and formal occasions such as parties, cosplaying, cherry blossom viewing, attending wedding ceremonies and other events.

Modern Kimono for Women

The modern kimono can really take basic pieces you already have in your wardrobe and help create a fashionable outfit.

It is also a garment that is suitable for women of all ages and body types as it is not form-fitting. Kimonos are a great addition to your summer wardrobe.

Take the modern kimono with you on your next trip as it is easy to pack and can double as a swimming costume for the beach or a jacket for dinner on the boardwalk. Here you will find kimonos of all types and different lengths, from thigh to below the knee.

Nowadays, (traditional) kimonos are a very rare sight, but the modern kimono is very popular for its comfort and style. There are still many people interested in wearing modern kimonos, including younger people around the world.

Long-sleeved Kimono

The long-sleeved kimono or "furisode" is completely covered with beautiful patterns that are even more intricate compared to other kimonos.

The patterns also make these kimonos a beautiful piece of jewellery. While furisode are popular because maiko and geiko in Japan traditionally wore them, they are now also worn by ordinary women for ceremonies and special occasions.

Kimono Jackets

The kimono jacket or "haori" is a jacket worn over a kimono. It is used to protect your kimono from dust and to keep you warm in the colder months. It is also worn as a jacket for more formal occasions.

Bridal Kimono

Wedding kimono or 'uchikake' is a heavily embroidered kimono and is completely covered with patterns in different colours. Traditionally, these kimonos were worn as bridal kimono at Japanese wedding ceremonies.

The colourful, intricate designs also make this kimono beautiful for decorative purposes.