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Emperor Takakura

Emperor Takakura

Emperor Takakura (高倉天皇, Takakura Tennō), born September 23, 1161, and died January 30, 1181, was the 80th emperor of Japan in the traditional order of succession.

He reigned nominally from March 30, 1168, to March 18, 1180, with power in effect being exercised by his father, the retired emperor Go-Shirakawa. His personal name is Norihito (憲仁).

Biography of Emperor Takakura

Although the reigning emperor, Takakura, who ascended the throne at the age of 7, did not really reign, with imperial power divided between his father the retired Emperor Go-Shirakawa and his father-in-law Taira no Kiyomori, who ruled as de facto regent.

Shortly after the birth of his son Tokihito, he was pushed by Kyomori, the child's grandfather, to abdicate in favor of the latter, then barely one year old. He left the Heian Palace to reside at Kyōto-gosho.

Emperor Takakura Genealogy

Takakura was the fourth son of emperor Go-Shirakawa and therefore the uncle of his predecessor emperor Rokujō.

His mother was empress dowager Taira no Jishi (Shigeko), the younger sister of Taira no Tokiko, the wife of Taira no Kiyomori.

  • Empress: Taira no Tokushi (Noriko) °1155+ 25 I 1214; daughter of Taira no Kiyomori and Taira no Tokiko; received the 3rd rank on December 30, 1171; entered the palace on January 11, 1172; imperial wife (nyogo) on January 23, 1172; empress (chugu) on March 6, 1172 titled Kenreimon In on January 1, 1182; nun Shinnyokaku on May 31, 1185
    • imperial prince Tokihito (????) - later emperor Antoku
  • Fujiwara no Tsushi (Michiko) °1163, daughter of Fujiwara no Motozane and a daughter of Fujiwara no Akisuke + ap 1181
  • A daughter of Fujiwara no Shigenori and Taira no Seishi (Kiyoko); (°1156); called Kogo no Tsubone, mother of
    • second daughter : princess Hanshi (Noriko) °27 XI 1177 ; created imperial princess 14 VII 1178 ; adoptive mother of emperor Tsuchimikado ; honorary empress (kogo) 10 IV 1198 ; titled Bomon-In 5 X 1206 ; + 16 VI 1210
  • A daughter of Fujiwara no Yoshinori, mother of
    • Second son: Imperial Prince Morisada °1179 + 1223; titled Go Takakura in in 1221; married Fujiwara no Chinshi °1173 + 1238; daughter of Fujiwara no Motoie and a daughter of Taira no Yorimori; titled Kitashirakawa In in 1222: of whom
      • Princess Hoshi ° 1209+1283 ; elevated to the rank of empress (Kogo) in 1222 ; titled Ankamon in in 1224 ; nun in 1235
      • Third son : Imperial Prince Morihito °1211 later emperor Go-Horikawa
  • Fujiwara no Shokushi (Masuko) °1157 + 1228, daughter of Fujiwara (Bo'mon) no Nobutaka and Fujiwara no Kyushi (Yasuko); lady of the palace (Tenji); titled ShiIchijo In 1190; mother of :
    • third son: Prince Koreakira °1179 + 1221
    • fourth son: imperial prince Takanari °1180 later emperor Go-Toba
  • other mothers :
    • First daughter: princess
    • Third daughter: princess Kesshi (1179 + ap 1198) princess Vestal of Ise 1187-1198

Emperor Takakura Eras of her reign

  • Ninnan era
  • Kaō era
  • Jōan era
  • Age Angen
  • Jishō era