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Emperor Sukō

Emperor Sukō

Emperor Sukō (崇光天皇, Sukō Tennō, (May 25, 1334 - January 31, 1398) was the third of the pretenders of the Northern Court of Japan. He reigned from November 18, 1348 to November 26, 1351.

His personal name was originally Masuhito (益仁), but later changed to Okihito (興仁).

Emperor Sukō Genealogy

Sukō was the son of the first northern suitor, Kōgon, and thus the nephew of his predecessor Kōmyō. His eldest son was Prince Yoshihito, the first member of the Fushimi-no-miya branch of the imperial line.

Emperor Sukō Biography

The future Sukō became crown prince in 1348, and then emperor in the same year, upon the abdication of Emperor Kōmyō.

As Kōgon became retired emperor, a rivalry broke out between Takauji Ashikaga and Tadayoshi Ashikaga, and in 1351 Takauji returned to the service of the Southern Court, forcing Emperor Sukō to abdicate, in an effort to reunify the imperial line.

However, the peace did not last long, and in 1352 the Southern Dynasty evacuated Kyōto, taking with them the retired Northern emperors Kōgon and Kōmyō, as well as Sukō and Crown Prince Naohito, son of Emperor Kōgon.

Because of this, Takauji made Kōgon's second son, the imperial prince Iyahito, the new emperor of the north Go-Kōgon.

Returning to Kyōto in 1357, Sukō's son, imperial prince Yoshihito began working with the bakufu to be named crown prince, but the bakufu ultimately chose to give the title to Go-Kōgon's son, the future Go-En'yū.

Sukō died in 1398, but 30 years after his death, in 1428, his great-grandson Hikohito (彦仁), as the adopted son of Emperor Go-Komatsu, became Emperor Go-Hanazono, fulfilling Sukō's greatest wish.

Emperor Sukō Eras of his reign

(Northern Court)
  • Jōwa Era
  • Kan'ō or Kannō Era
(Southern Court)
  • Shōhei Era

Emperor Sukō Rival of the Southern Court

  • Go-Murakami