Emperor Ninken

Emperor Ninken (仁賢天皇, Ninken Tennō, or more likely Ninken Ōkimi), from his personal name Ōke or Oyoke, was the twenty-fourth emperor of Japan according to the traditional order of succession.

His reign is placed from 493 to 501, although the dates are not known with certainty. However, tradition attributes to him dates of life from 448 to 498 and places his reign from 488.

Biography of Emperor Ninken

Originally, he and his brother Woke were found when the emperor Seinei died without heirs.

The two boys are grandsons of Emperor Richū and are promoted to a kind of adopted heirs of Seinei, although it is unclear whether or not this happens during Seinei's lifetime.

Despite being the youngest, Woke is crowned and becomes Emperor Kenzō following an agreement between the two brothers and after a one-year regency period by Iitoyo Ao no Kōjo.

However, he died shortly thereafter without heirs, so his brother succeeded him to the throne.

Emperor Ninken's Wives and offspring:

  • Princess Kasuga no Oho Iratsume, daughter of Emperor Yūryaku and Woguna Kimi; titled empress in 488; mother of:
    • Princess Takahashi no Oho Iratsume, or Takaki no Iratsume;
    • princess Asatsuma, or Takara no Iratsume ;
    • princess Tashiraka no Iratsume, married in 507 to emperor Keitai, and became the mother of Kinmei ;
    • princess Kusuhi no Iratsume, or Kasubi no Iratsume ;
    • princess Tachibana no Nakatsu, married to emperor Senka and was the mother of princess Iwahime, herself consort of Kinmei and who gave birth to Bidatsu ;
    • prince Wohatsuse no Waka Sazaki (emperor Buretsu) ;
    • princess Mawaka ;
  • Ohonuka kimi no Iratsume, daughter of Wani no Hifure no Omi, mother of :
    • princess Kasuga no Yamada no Oho Iratsume, married in 513 to emperor Ankan.