Emperor Murakami

Murakami Tennō (村上天皇) (July 14, 926 - July 5, 967) was the 62nd emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.

He reigned from 946 to 967. Prior to his ascension to the Chrysanthemum Throne, his personal name (imina) was Imperial Prince Nariakira (Nariakira-shinnō).

Emperor Murakami Genealogy

He was the fourteenth son of Daigo Tennō, and the younger brother of Suzaku Tennō by another mother.

He had ten empresses and imperial consorts and 19 children.

Biography of Emperor Murakami 

Imperial Prince Nariakira was appointed Crown Prince in 944, ascended to the throne in 946 at the age of 20, following the abdication of his older brother Emperor Suzaku. He is named Emperor Murakami.

Emperor Murakami's maternal uncle, Fujiwara no Tadahira, acted as sesshō (regent) until 949, when he died.

After Tadahira's death, there was no regent and although some scholars think that Emperor Murakami ruled directly, the Fujiwara clan maintained power in Japan, especially with the brothers Fujiwara no Saneyori and Fujiwara no Morosuke, who de facto ruled the country.

In 951, the emperor orders the compilation of the poetic anthology Gosen Wakashū, produced by the Five Men of the Pear Chamber under the emperor's patronage.

In 960, the Imperial Palace suffers its first major fire, since the transfer of Japan's capital from Nara to Heian-kyō in 794.

Emperor Murakami was a cultural figure of the Heian period. He was skilled with the flute and koto (Japanese harp).

In 967 he died suddenly at the age of 40, and was succeeded by Reizei Tennō.

Emperor Murakami Kugyō

Kugyō (公卿) is the collective term for the most powerful personages directly linked to the service of the emperor in pre-Meiji Restoration Japan.

They were hereditary courtiers whose experience and prestige had brought them to the top of the courtly ladder.

  • Kanpaku: Fujiwara no Tadahira (880 - 949)
  • Daijō Daijin: Fujiwara no Tadahira
  • Sadaijin: Ono-no-Miya Fujiwara no Saneyori (900 - 970)
  • Udaijin: Fujiwara no Saneyori
  • Udaijin: Fujiwara no Morosuke (908 - 960)
  • Udaijin: Fujiwara no Akitada (920 - 969)
  • Udaijin: Minamoto no Takaakira (920 - 969)
  • Nadaijin:
  • Dainagon:

Emperor Murakami Eras

  • Tengyō (938 - 947)
  • Tenryaku (947 - 957)
  • Tentoku (957 - 961)
  • Ōwa (961 - 964)
  • Kōhō (964 - 968)