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Emperor Hanazono

Emperor Hanazono

Hanazono Tennō (花園天皇) (August 14, 1297 - December 2, 1348) was the 95th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.

He reigned from 1308 to 1318. Before his ascension to the Chrysanthemum Throne, his personal name (imina) was Prince Imperial Tomihito (富仁親王 Tomihito-shinnō).

Emperor Hanazono Genealogy

He was the fourth son of Fushimi Tennō. He belonged to the Jimyōin-tō branch of the Imperial Family.

Biography of Emperor Hanazono

Imperial Prince Tomihito assumed the imperial throne at the age of ten, under the name Emperor Hanazono, after the sudden death of his third cousin, Emperor Go-Nijō of the Daikakuji-tō branch in 1308.

Emperor Hanazono's father and brother, Emperor Fushimi and Emperor Go-Fushimi served as the Enclaved Emperors during his reign.

In this period, negotiations take place between the Kamakura Shogunate and the two imperial branches; the Bunpō Agreement is established, where the two branches would alternate power every ten years.

However, the agreement was broken by Emperor Hanazono's successor, Emperor Go-Daigo.

In 1318 he abdicates at the age of twenty, in favor of his third cousin, Emperor Go-Daigo of the Daikakuji-tō branch and brother of Emperor Go-Nijō. After his abdication, he educates his nephew, the future Pretender of the North, Emperor Kōgon.

In 1335 he becomes a Zen Buddhist monk.

He dies in 1348, at the age of 51.

Emperor Hanazono developed the tanka, and was an important member of the Kyōgoku School. He wrote a diary called Hanazono-in-Minki or Imperial Chronicles of the Garden Flower Temple (花園院宸記).

Emperor Hanazono Kugyō

  • Sesshō:
  • Daijō Daijin
  • Sadaijin:
  • Udaijin:
  • Nadaijin:
  • Dainagon:

Emperor Hanazono Eras

  • Tokuji (1306 - 1308)
  • Enkyō (1308 - 1311)
  • Ōchō (1311 - 1312)
  • Shōwa (first) (1312 - 1317)
  • Bunpō (1317 - 1319)