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Emperor Go Uda

Emperor Go Uda

Go-Uda Tennō (後宇多天皇) (December 17, 1267 - July 16, 1324) was the 91st emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.

He reigned from 1274 to 1287.1 Before his ascension to the Chrysanthemum Throne, his personal name (imina) was Imperial Prince Yohito (世仁親王 Yohito-shinnō).

Emperor Go Uda Genealogy

He was the second son of Kameyama Tennō, and came from the Daikaku-ji branch founded by his father.

Consort: Horikawa (Minamoto) Motoko (堀河(源)基子)
  • First son: Imperial Prince Kuniharu (邦治親王, future Emperor Go-Nijō)
Consort: Itsutsuji (Fujiwara) (五辻(藤原)忠子)
  • Second daughter: Imperial Princess (禖子内親王)
  • Second son: Imperial Prince Takaharu (尊治親王, future Emperor Go-Daigo)
  • Third son: Imperial Prince and Monk (性円法親王) (Buddhist Monk)
  • Fourth son: Imperial Prince and Monk (承覚法親王) (Buddhist Monk)
Consort: Princess (揄子女王)
  • First daughter: Imperial Princess (愉子内親王)

Biography of Emperor Go Uda

In 1268, Imperial Prince Yohito became Crown Prince. According to the will of his grandfather, Emperor Go-Saga who died in 1272, Imperial Prince Yohito would succeed Emperor Kameyama.

In 1274, Emperor Kameyama abdicates in favor of his son, who would assume the throne at the age of six with the name of Emperor Go-Uda. Emperor Kameyama would maintain power as Emperor Enclaved.

It was precisely during his reign that the Mongols invaded the Yuan Dynasty in China and the Goryeo Dynasty in Korea. The Mongols attempted to invade Japan between 1274 and 1281, but were repelled in both cases by Kamikaze typhoons.

In 1287, the Enclaved Emperor Go-Fukakusa, was displeased by the control of the branch (the Daikaku-ji) of his younger brother, the Enclaved Emperor Kameyama, over his own (the Jimyōin-tō).

He decided to convince the Kamakura shogunate and the Imperial Court in Kyoto to push for the abdication of Emperor Go-Uda in favor of Emperor Go-Fukakusa's son, Imperial Prince Hirohito, future Emperor Fushimi.

With the abdication of Emperor Go-Uda at the age of 19 in 1287, the dispute of the throne between the Jimyōin-tō and the Daikakuji-tō continued.

The Daikakuji-tō would retake the throne under Emperor Go-Nijō (son of Emperor Go-Uda) between the years 1301 and 1308, and under Emperor Go-Daigo (another son of Emperor Go-Uda) between 1318 until the beginning of the North and South Court Era in 1332, where this branch would claim to be the South Court until the end of the era in 1392.

Emperor Go-Uda himself would act as the Enclaved Emperor during the reign of Emperor Go-Nijō and during the reign of Emperor Go-Daigo, until 1321, when the latter was able to rule outright.

Emperor Go-Uda died in 1324, at the age of 58.

Emperor Go Uda Kugyō

  • Sesshō:
  • Daijō Daijin
  • Sadaijin:
  • Udaijin:
  • Nadaijin:
  • Dainagon:

Emperor Go Uda Eras

  • Bun'ei (1264 - 1275)
  • Kenji (1275 - 1278)
  • Kōan (1278 - 1288)