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Emperor Go Nara

Emperor Go Nara

Emperor Go-Nara (後奈良天皇 , Go-Nara Tennō, January 16, 1497 - September 27, 1557) was the 105th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession, and reigned from June 9, 1526 until his death.

His personal name was Tomohito (知仁).

Emperor Go Nara Genealogy

He was the second son of Go-Kashiwabara. His mother was Fujiwara Fujiko (藤原藤子)

Wives and descendants

Court lady : Madenokōji (Fujiwara) (万里小路(藤原)栄子)
  • First daughter : ?
  • First son: Imperial Prince Michihito (方仁親王) (Ōgimachi)
  • Second daughter: Princess Eiju (永寿女王)
Court lady : Takakura (Fujiwara) (高倉(藤原)量子)
  • Fifth daughter: Princess Fukukō (普光女王)
Court lady : Hirohashi (Fujiwara) Kuniko (広橋(藤原)国子)
  • Seventh daughter: Princess Kiyohide (聖秀女王)
Consort: daughter of Mibu (Fujiwara) Harutomi (壬生(藤原)晴富)
  • Second son: (覚恕)
  • Third son: ?

Emperor Go Nara Biography

On June 9, 1526, he became emperor after the death of his father Go-Kashiwabara.

However, the imperial court was so impoverished, an appeal for contributions was made throughout the country.

Donations from the Hōjō, Ōuchi, Imagawa clans, and other great daimyō houses of the Sengoku period enabled him to perform the formal coronation ceremony ten years later, on the 26th day of the second month of 1536.

The court was then so poor that the emperor had to sell his calligraphy.

Eras of Emperor Go Nara's reign

  • Daiei Era (1521-1528)
  • Kyōroku era (1528-1532)
  • Tembun era (1532-1555)
  • Kōji era (1555-1558)