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Emperor Go Fukakusa

Emperor Go Fukakusa

Emperor Go-Fukakusa (後深草天皇, Go-Fukakusa Tennō, June 28, 1243 - August 17, 1304) was the 89th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession, and reigned from February 16, 1246 to January 9, 1260.

His personal name was Hisahito (久仁). He owes his reign name to his tomb, located in the Fukakusa district of Kyōto.

Emperor Go Fukakusa's Genealogy

He was the fourth son of Emperor Go-Saga, his predecessor. His mother was Fujiwara (Saionji) no Kisshi (Omiya In). He had many children, among them the future emperor Fushimi and prince Hisaaki, eighth shogun of Kamakura.

Empress and Consorts :

  • Fujiwara no Koshi °1232 †1304, daughter of Fujiwara (Saionji) Saneuji and Fujiwara no Teishi; maternal aunt of her husband; presented in 1256; empress in 1257; titled Higashinijo In; mother of:
  • Second daughter: Princess Reishi °1270 †1327; empress of Go Uda; titled Yugimon In in 1298
  • Fujiwara no Inshi °1246 †1329; daughter of Fujiwara (Toin) no Saneo; titled Higashi no Onkata; titled Genkimon In; mother of :
  • Second son: Prince Hirohito °1265 †1317 (emperor Fushimi)
  • Third son: Prince, Buddhist monk
  • Fujiwara no Boshi, daughter of Fujiwara (Sanjō) no Kinchika; titled Mikushigedono; mother of
  • Fifth son: Prince Gyokaku; Buddhist monk
  • Sixth son: Prince Hisaakira °1276 †1328; Shogun 1289-1308
  • Ninth son: Prince; Buddhist monk
Other wives :
  • Princess Enshi °1268 †1352; honorary empress in 1294; titled Yotokumon In in 1306

Biography of Emperor Go Fukakusa

Go-Fukakusa became emperor in 1246, at the age of two, following the abdication of his father Go-Saga, who then began his reign as a retired emperor.

In 1260, forced by Go-Saga, he abdicated in his turn, at the age of fifteen, in favor of his younger brother, emperor Kameyama.

After the enthronement of Emperor Go-Uda, Go-Fukasaka, through Saionji Sanekane, negotiated with the Bakufu for his son Hirohito to be named crown prince,

which subsequently led to a reign by alternating between the two lines of the Jimyōin-tō (the descendants of Go-Fukakusa) and the Daikakuji-tō (the descendants of Kameyama).

In 1287, Hirohito ascended the throne as Emperor Fushimi and Go-Fukakusa began to rule as a retired emperor until 1290 when he became a monk and retired from that position.

With his seventh son, the imperial prince Hisaaki becoming, among other things, the eighth shogun of Kamakura, the position of the Jimyōin-tō line was only strengthened.

Eras of Emperor Go Fukakusa's reign

  • Kangen era
  • Hōji era
  • Kenchō era
  • Kōgen era
  • Shōka era
  • Shōgen era