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Emperor Fushimi

Emperor Fushimi

Fushimi Tennō (伏見天皇) (May 10, 1265 - October 8, 1317) was the 92nd emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.

He reigned from 1287 to 1298.1 Before his ascension to the Chrysanthemum Throne, his personal name (imina) was Prince Imperial Hirohito (熈仁親王 Hirohito-shinnō).

Emperor Fushimi Genealogy

He was the second son of Go-Fukakusa Tennō; he came from the Jimyōin-tō branch. His name comes from the palace of the Jimyōin-tō.

  • Empress: Saionji (Fujiwara) (西園寺(藤原)金章子)
  • Maid of honor: daughter of Miki (Minamoto) (三木(源)具氏)
  • Maid of Honor: Itsutsuji (Fujiwara) Tsuneko (五辻(藤原)経子)
  • First son: Imperial Prince Tanehito (胤仁親王, future Emperor Go-Fushimi)
  • Consort: Tōin (Fujiwara) (洞院(藤原)季子)
  • First daughter: Imperial Princess (甝子内親王 (甝 = 王壽))
  • Second Daughter: Imperial Princess Shigeko (誉子内親王)
  • Second son: Imperial Prince and Monk  (寛性入道親王) (Buddhist monk)
  • Third daughter: Imperial Princess (延子内親王)
  • Fourth son: Imperial Prince Tomito (富仁親王, future Emperor Hanazono)

Emperor Fushimi Biography

Imperial Prince Hirohito was named crown prince in 1275, as heir to his second cousin, Emperor Go-Uda of the Daikakuji-tō branch. Political maneuvering by his father, Emperor Go-Fukakusa of the Jimyōin-tō branch, was the cause of this decision.

In 1287, after pressure from the court and the shogunate, Emperor Go-Uda abdicates in favor of his second cousin. Imperial Prince Hirohito assumed the throne as Emperor Fushimi, at the age of 22.

For the first two years, the two branches alternated power, but in 1289, the Enclaved Emperor Go-Fukakusa ended his reign, taking direct control from Emperor Fushimi.

In the same year, he decided to make his son (the future Emperor Go-Fushimi) the Crown Prince, increasing the antagonism of the Daikakuji-tō. In 1290, the Asawara Tameyori family attempted to assassinate the Emperor.

During the reign of Emperor Fushimi, an attempt was made to convince the nobility to defeat the Kamakura shogunate, but it only strengthened the Kamakura shogunate.

In 1298, Emperor Fushimi abdicated at the age of 33, in favor of his son, Emperor Go-Fushimi.

Thereafter, Emperor Fushimi served as Emperor Enclaved, but in 1301 he was forced to abdicate along with his son, when the Daikakuji-tō resumed power and Emperor Go-Nijō assumed the throne.

In 1308, with the help of the shogunate, his fourth son assumes the throne as Emperor Hanazono, and thus Emperor Fushimi again becomes Emperor Enclaved.

The plan to alternate power between the Daikakuji and Jimyōin branches did not prove successful during Emperor Fushimi's reign, and both branches would fight over the throne, causing the beginning of the North and South Court Era.

In 1317, Emperor Go-Fushimi passed away at the age of 52.


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Eras of Emperor Fushimi

  • Kōan (1278 - 1288)
  • Shōō (1288 - 1293)
  • Einin (1293 - 1299)