Emperor Ankan

Emperor Ankan (安閑天皇, Ankan Tennō) was the twenty-seventh emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession. He was born in 466 and died in 536.

His reign is placed from 531 to 535, although the dates are not known with certainty.

The tradition reported by the Kojiki and the Nihon shoki however attributes to him dates of life from 466 to 535 and places his reign from 531.

Biography of Emperor Ankan

When emperor Ankan reached the age of 66, his father Keitai abdicated in his favor. However, Ankan died four years later.

The most remarkable event during his reign was the construction of state granaries all over Japan, demonstrating the wide extension of imperial power at that time.

Emperor Ankan Genealogy

According to the Kojiki, Ankan was the eldest son of Emperor Keitai.

Empress and her consorts

  • Princess Kasuga no Yamada no Iratsume, daughter of emperor Ninken and Ohonuka kimi no Iratsume, married in 513, raised to the rank of empress in 531;
  • Sate-hime, daughter of Kose no Wobito no omi; first consort;
  • Kagari-hime, daughter of Kose no Wobito no omi; second consort;
  • Yaka-hime, daughter of Mononobe no Itahi no omuraji ; third consort.